Risk Management

At Trinity Risk Services, we partner with businesses/organizations to provide custom-tailored services in the areas of risk management and control that endeavor to meet the company’s economically and socially conscience goals and objectives.We are here for you.

Surreal Template ImageTrinity Risk Services offers a host of services, but more importantly, we partner with your team to achieve success.  We strive to understand your organization's philosophy to risk, as well as your financial and service needs.  This allows Trinity an opportunity to add value to your business.  We serve as an extension of your insurance and risk management operation - not a replacement for your existing team - unless, of course, that's what you desire.


We help you through the process of (1) identifying and analyzing your exposures to potential loss, (2) selecting the most appropriate technique to appropriately address the exposures, (3) implementing the chosen means of managing the risk, and, finally and just as important, (4) monitoring the results to ensure that the desired results are being obtained.  If not, we begin the process again - an ever monitored and ongoing process.

Our services can include:

  • Risk Evaluation of your current insurance program and initial consultation of your exposures to loss
  • Custom Tailored/Suggested Program Design
  • Contract Review
  • Claims Management
  • Loss Control Measures
  • Mock OSHA Evaluations
  • Certificate Management
  • Assistance with the creation and review of Policies & Procedures
While risks to an organization are always present, it is the recognition and how such exposures to loss are handled that can make a difference.  Our goal is to add value by assisting you in your quest for protecting what is important to the financial objectives of the organization.  Trinity can help you by offering an objective, second set of eyes when it comes to the recognition of exposures and determine the most favorable and appropriate means by which to mitigate or eliminate, thus, producing the desired results. More »