Our Mission

To serve with the highest measures of morality, ethics and integrity, putting what is best for the client before ourselves.

Our Core Principles

To maintain:
  • A Heart For Service;
  • A Commitment To Partnership;
  • A Desire To Seek Out And Listen To Your Concerns;
  • A Sincere Dedication To Truth And Integrity; And
  • To Bring Value By Providing Solutions To Meet The Clients Needs.

Why We Stand Out

Trinity Risk Services was founded on the principles of service and attention to the customer; as well as managing insurance and risk in the best possible means for the client.  With more than 30 years in the industry, we know what it's like to be on the side of the client, to be the insurance agent/broker or to be on the insurance company side underwriting your risk. 
We understand the language and the barriers that face each of the partnering components of the insurance contract.  Most importantly, we speak YOUR language and we do it best for YOU!

Our services are custom tailored to your specific needs - whether business or personal - whether non-profit or for-profit.  Our primary concern lies in analyzing your risk individually to determine the best means by which to address your needs.

Insurance - in many cases - is a necessity. So, why not partner with someone who places your needs and best interest first? More »