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Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock, of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. Be shepherds of the church of God.Acts 20:28

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Serving as shepherds of God's church, of our congregations, is an important obligation.  As a leader in your church, you are called to oversee and protect your flock.  Recognizing the needs of your church, whether it be the church family, our leaders, the property that you've been entrusted with, is an important responsibility.  Some say, "God will protect us." And, yes, we believe that God will take care of His children, but He also gives us tools to help us oversee and protect - to navigate the rough and tumbling seas.

The Church, as we witness in the news, is no longer safe or off limits from the litigious world we live in.  In many cases, the Church can be an even bigger target when someone suffers an unfortunate incident.  And, we, as leaders, need to be proactive in addressing the exposures to risk that we are faced within our capacities as shepherds on a daily basis.

At Trinity Risk, we work with you to identify and minimize your church's greatest area of risk.

There is no question that risk cannot be eliminated completely, but we feel confident that by working together we can help you on your way to a safer and more secure church environment.

Trinity Risk partners with Insurers of churches in an effort to provide your congregation with the best coverage at an affordable premium.

Give us a call today for a Free - No Obligation consultation from a Trinity consultant that knows what it's like to be responsible for such tasks within a church family. More »

Our Insurers are also available for products and service relating to:

    • Schools and Colleges, including Educators Legal & Management Liability
    • Home Care Providers
    • Senior Living Communities