Aflac - Supplemental Benefits For Individuals and Businesses

Hey Jim, What do you think of Aflac?  Well, without my Aflac, I'd be in with the birds these days.  I recently suffered an injury exiting my truck.  My coat got stuck on the gear shift which caused me to miss the step and tumble to the ground.  I hurt my hip, my arm, and quite frankly, my pride as onlookers witnessed my blunder before the ambulance carted me off to the hospital.  No worries, though, from the financial side because I knew that my Aflac was there to help.  Aflac's Personal Accident Indemnity policy supplemented me, personally, for many of the expenses that I encountered - in addition to what was covered by my health insurance.  I received a check in just a short time which more than took care of my health insurance deductible.  I'm not sure what my family and I would do without our Aflac.  The duck is my friend!And it didn't cost my employer a penny. That's a benefit for both of us!

              Template ImageIf you, as an Individual, as an Employer, haven't considered Aflac for yourself, your family, your employees, WOW!   Do we have an introduction for you!

Aflac doesn't replace Health Insurance.  Aflac supplements your financial necessities, other obligations that continue should you suffer an accident, become ill with a covered illness, and so much more!  Aflac helps pay what Major Medical doesn't such as deductibles, mortgage, groceries, transportation and other daily living expenses that don't stop just because you can't work.  Aflac is "insurance" for daily living - paid directly to YOU!

AFLACAnd, no longer is Aflac only available through payroll deduction.  So, employers, what do you have to lose?  At Trinity Risk Services, we make your ability to offer this benefit to your employees easy!  We do the work for you! What protection can Aflac offer?

Available as Individual Protection Available as Group Protection
Personal Cancer Indemnity Accident
Maximum Difference Cancer Plan Indemnity Dental
Personal Accident Indemnity Critical Illness
Hospital Confinement Indemnity  Disability Protection
Critical Care & Recovery Whole Life
Short Term and Personal Disability Income  
Dental and  Vision  
Specified Health Events Care & Recovery  

All Aflac benefits are paid directly to you, the policyholder, to help cover what other insurance doesn't.  And, all Aflac policies are portable; you can keep your coverage if you change jobs or even retire!  Call Trinity to see what coverages are available in your home state!  A Trinity representative is excited to share the benefits of Aflac with you as an individual or you as an employer!  What do you have to lose?  Well.......More »